Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.  –John 6:35
What Ministers of Care Do
Individuals who wish to become a Minister of Care receive extensive training before they can be commissioned as a Minister of Care.
A new Minister of Care will go with someone who is well seasoned in this role – for first hand experience – they will not go on their own until they are comfortable enough to do so.
Two Ministers of Care go together to bring Holy Eucharist to Good Shepherd Hospital every Monday morning after Mass.
First they go to morning Mass at 8:00am and at the end of Communion, the priest sends them to the hospital to bring Eucharist to the patients.
Ministers go directly to the Chapel to get the list of patients who have requested Communion.
Upon arrival on each unit, we ask the secretary for the unit if everyone on the list may receive. Sometimes they can’t due to tests, etc.
A visit includes reading the Word – we have excellent readings and explanations in the back of our booklets. We read a prayer, recite the Lords Prayer, Lamb of God, I am not worthy, and give them Communion. Our visit can last only a few minutes or several – depending on the needs of the individual. Some need to talk, some need extra prayer. We need to be available to whatever their needs are. If they appear in need of a Chaplain, we notify the Chaplain’s office.
We are often called to bring Communion to those who are housebound or who are recovering from surgery, etc. We go alone – though again, if someone is a new minister – they would go with someone more “seasoned.” As they become comfortable enough – they will go alone. The procedure for a home visit is much like that at the hospital – though it could last longer if it was desired. This is a spiritual ministry; it does not include shopping, transportation, cleaning, etc. Simple requests may be honored on ones own time – certainly not under the description of a Minister of Care’s duties.
Wauconda Care – On First Fridays, a visiting priest says Mass and on the other Fridays, Ministers of Care visit with Communion.


Meeting Times and Requirements
This ministry meets when needed in the Parish office. We meet to share information.

An ideal candidate for this ministry would have a love for God, have a love for people and be a “people person”, have a caring/giving heart, and be a good listener. You must be over 18 to join this ministry.
The training involved in this ministry is one 2 day class to get started. Then you would go with a seasoned member to get started – when comfortable, you are on your own.
The time commitment for this ministry varies.
1. Hospital – Visit once each month
2. Nursing home – Visit once a week
3. Home visits – 1 or more, weekly
You will enjoy being involved in this ministry to share your love for God; thru Eucharist, scripture, and prayer; with a good listening ear.
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