— Prophetic Ministries —
Learning our Faith more Deeply
Catholic educational resources for lifelong Christian faith/spiritual formation at Transfiguration Parish. 
Over the centuries God has called prophets to bring His words and instructions to His people. The ministries at Transfiguration that are responsible for continuing this call to instruct God’s people are therefore called Prophetic Ministries.
The Prophetic Ministries at Transfiguration include:


04.26.20 ===== End of Year for School of Religion

We have reached the official end of class year for the school of religion. A letter was sent to registered School of Religion families regarding the final requirement for all families to complete. Visit the School of Religion page for the necessary information. >>MORE
Hemos llegado al final oficial del año de catecismo en la escuela de religión. Un mensaje fue enviado a las familias con respecto a un requisito final. >>Lea más aquí…
Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Thank you. Be safe & pray, God is in control.
M. Magdalena Gonzalez

DRE – Transfiguration Church


===== Enroll now for Frassati Catholic Academy

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=====From the Pastor’s Desk

Important communication from Fr. Juan Pablo