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Living Our Faith More Lively
The Social Activity Commission at Transfiguration helps to fulfill our parish mission statement in seeking Christ and sharing his Gospel through companionship and celebration outside church and school.  The Commission organizes and executes the logistics of conducting parish-wide fundraising and social events, while promoting christian values and experiencing fun activities with fellow parishioners.
Contact:  Dave Jakubek at
Mass on the Grass
Breakfast with Santa


2020 wreath order form

11.01.20 ===== 2020 Wreath Sale

2020 wreath order form
The Knights of Columbus are hosting the 2020 Wreath Sale.  Orders are due by November 1st for expected delivery November 20-21. Multiple sized wreaths with bows, balsam garland, Wood Cross with LED lighting and more. Put your order in today! 2020 ORDER FORM/FLYER


===== Freeze the Queen

A proclamation from the King,
Due to sickness throughout the kingdom, the Queen of hearts is frozen at $17,000. We will keep our kingdom informed as to when we will again look for the Queen of Hearts.
Thank you
The king and his court
Click >>Info Here<< for ticket sales locations and rules.  Good luck!