Again Jesus began to teach by the lake.  The crowd that gathered around him was so large that he got into a boat and sat in it out on the lake, while all the people were along the shore at the water’s edge.  –Mark 4:1
School of Religion Summer Hours:  Available by appointment.
The Transfiguration School of Religion exists to assist families in the faith formation of their children. The program provides opportunities to learn Catholic doctrine, to share faith, to worship through prayer and sacrament, to connect to our parish community, and to respond to the gospel message in witness and service.  We offer sessions from September – early May and a one-week Vacation Bible School in the Summer.

Who would WANT to be a catechist??

===== Catechetical Sunday

Transfiguration School of Religion would like to honor the Catechists who are responding to the call during this unprecedented year. Our gratitude is with each one who supports the parish families and their children’s faith formation.  Please join us for a special Catechetical Sunday 2020 blessing on September 27th at the 10am Mass. Fr. Juan Pablo will commission and send forward the catechists to continue proclaiming the Gospel to the children in the Transfiguration School of Religion Sacramental programs.


=====From the Pastor’s Desk

Important communication from Fr. Juan Pablo


===== Could YOU be a Catechist??

Catechists DO NOT need to be teachers. They DO NOT need to be theologians. They DO NOT even need to be a “church lady” (or man). They DO NOT need to have all the answers. Catechists DO need to love Jesus Christ. They MUST want to share their faith with children. They MUST be prepared to have their own faith and love grow.
The School of Religion is looking for English speaking catechists on Wednesday afternoon/evening and Sunday mornings. Catechists are able to waive a portion of the Religious Education tuition for their children or grandchildren. We provide lesson guides, mentoring, support and instruction both in person or online. If you feel you are being called, please call Mary at 847-526-6400 x 239. We have been praying for you to join us.


Catechist Reflection from Jen

Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of being a Catechist at Transfiguration’s School of Religion.  In that time, I’ve enjoyed partaking in the journey the students go through as they learn about their Faith. 


Catechist Reflection from Flor

I am a catechist because God called me. He wants me to be His instrument and to share His teachings with the children. He wants me to show the children the love He feels for us, and to teach how to love unconditionally, making Him our center of attention for everything that we do here on earth, working happily in our community.



Catechist Reflection from Magen

I recently found an article that stated my reasons quite succinctly ” that they [Catechists] are called to something greater than conventional Christianity; that they have great freedom and opportunity in being called to radical discipleship with Christ. (America:The Jesuit Review, 2010)

This quote is so profound. Through the ministry of Catechesis I have assisted in forming and transforming young minds to be like Jesus Christ. Teaching and molding not only minds, but hearts and spirits to walk in the ways of our Savior. This is perhaps the greatest reason for becoming a Catechist.


The School of Religion is very grateful to our many catechists and aides for their service.  It takes many hands and a great deal of faith to bring Jesus Christ to our children.  Won’t you consider being a part of God’s team?  Please pray on it and call Magdalena at 847.526.6400 x 239 for more information OR RelEd@transfigurationwauconda.com